ClearPress Framework

The Basics

It's quick to build your first application with ClearPress. Having installed from CPAN the next step is to identify your initial schema and run it through the application builder:

 clearpress \
 -new Grandkids \
 -schema 'family(name) kid(name) kid->family' \
 -driver SQLite

This example creates instructions about a SQLite database and two tables within it and identifies a relationship between them.

 id_family integer primary key autoincrement,
 name varchar

  id_kid integer primary key autoincrement,
  name varchar,
  id_family integer

So let's create the database and add the tables.

cd Grandkids
cat data/schema/*.sqlite | sqlite3 GrandKids

and let's start the application:

by default the server will start on port 8080. If you don't want that add